Privacy Policy M. S. Ambrogio do Brasil

Based on the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data (Law 13.709/2018) and the Civil Rights Framework for the Internet (Law 12.965/2014), the Privacy Policy seeks to demonstrate the company's commitment to the transparency with which it handles the Personal Data of Holders, as well as express your commitment to security in the services provided.

How we use

Defense of the Holders' rights;
Operation and management of the sites;
Fulfillment of rights and obligations;
Communication and marketing activities;
Analysis of statistical data for the purpose of studies to improve the performance of its products and services, with the mischaracterization of sensitive and personal information;


Depending on the treatment activity carried out, we can fit as:
Personal data controller, acting with transparency and integrity with the holders of the collected data;
Operator of personal data, complying with contractual guidelines defined by the controllers (Customers), always based on the legislation in force, in particular the LGPD.

How we protect personal data

M. S. Ambrogio do Brasil implements strict measures to guarantee the integrity and security of the Holders' Personal Data, adopting a strict access control policy to Personal Data.


If you have any questions, contact our Customer Rights Service Channel or contact our Data Protection Officer:
Ricardo S. Shibata – DPO