M.S.Ambrogio do Brasil provides its customers with all the technical and technological know-how gained over the years.

We carefully assess all aspects of the project so that we can develop the best technical solutions to meet your needs and objectives.


M.S.Ambrogio do Brasil uses all its product development experience to support customers through product co-design, aiming at solutions with better technical stability while optimising costs.


Our metrology laboratory is responsible for dimensional inspection of the parts produced, supported by specific instruments for different parts.


We have integrated IT systems capable of managing the entire production flow, from receiving the materials used in production to delivery of the product.

Because of the importance of raw materials in our process, we work with major raw material suppliers to ensure the best in-process performance and the highest final product quality.

All of this integration is supported by M.S.Ambrogio's Quality System, through which suppliers, their processes and products are carefully selected and qualified.